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Energy Storage Canada is the only national voice for energy storage in Canada. We focus exclusively on energy storage and represent organizations across the entire energy storage value chain. We support the industry in our own markets and around the world.

From regulatory action to thought leadership, Energy Storage Canada delivers value to its members through a host of compelling benefits:

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Shape the market. Demonstrate your leadership. Stay current. Access experts. From regulatory action to thought leadership.

Energy Storage Canada (ESC) is your direct channel to influence, knowledge and critical industry insights. Energy Storage Canada has been the leader at the forefront of market development for storage across jurisdictions in Canada. Our work in shaping policy and building markets has created results and continues to strengthen the industry.

Energy storage is everywhere today - behind-the-meter industrial, as an energy service, and growing at the grid and distribution levels. And Energy Storage Canada is the only trade association that speaks for the industry and represents the full range of storage opportunities. Be part of the voice of leadership with Energy Storage Canada.

Who We Are

Energy Storage Canada (ESC) has a sole focus to advance opportunities and build the market for energy storage in Canada. We are technology agnostic and represent the diverse range of energy storage technologies and applications deployed at the grid, distribution and behind-the-meter levels. ESC represents the largest number of energy storage companies who work together to strengthen the market.

What We Do

ESC has made energy storage a key focus for policy makers and we are driving results. We work to create new competitive markets and ensure regulatory fairness. Our mission is to advance the energy storage industry through policy advocacy, collaboration, education, and research. Energy Storage Canada works closely with sector allies and with other energy storage stakeholders to push the industry forward.

Our Members

ESC is the voice of the many organizations that are transforming the energy system and who make, distribute, finance, promote, deploy, innovate and study energy storage technologies and applications. Our members work across the spectrum of energy storage applications: Behind the Meter, grid level, and distribution level. Our membership represents a cross-section of players from large and small companies:

• Technology providers
• Project developers
• Power generators
• Energy services companies
• Engineering and construction firms
• Finance and legal professionals
• Local electricity distribution companies


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