Ontario Electricity Market

Like many other jurisdictions, Ontario is a market where energy storage can serve many roles and solve many problems. Our aging transmission infrastructure is being updated with a smarter and more efficient grid, one where energy storage will be a key part in the ongoing changes. Ontario has phased out all coal-fired electrical generation and has been bringing online more variable generators powered by renewable fuel sources. More uniquely to Ontario, these generator shifts have occurred while maintaining a fuel mix where more than half of all energy injected to the grid is nuclear power. With the growing fraction of variable generation and nuclear baseload, the flexibility offered by energy storage technology is a perfect fit.

In 2013, the Ontario Ministry of Energy released its Long-Term Energy Plan which mandated the procurement of 50 MW of energy storage.  The first of these was conducted by the Independent Electrical System Operator (IESO)and the second by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA). Prior to these procurements, IESO contracted two energy storage solutions to provide 12 MW frequency regulation, with both facilities currently online and working to stabilize Ontario’s grid.