Virelec Ltd Launches into Energy Storage market

Canadian manufacturer Virelec Ltd., located in Oakville Ontario has announced its battery energy storage range of systems for residential and commercial industrial customers.

Virelec was founded by the President, Paul Marot in 1995 and has grown into a market leader in system integration and grid connectivity. The factory in Oakville is geared as a full production facility at which our plug and play line of products are manufactured, assembled and tested ready for site delivery.  Virelec has a long history of providing Protection and Control systems to the Utility sector and was a pioneer of “plug and play” E-house type control systems.

The experience and reputation earned as a market leader in design and integration of such systems has positioned Virelec well to bring its integration and connectivity understanding and knowledge to the energy storage sector. 

Using best in class battery, inverter and control systems with recognized software platforms, the range of products is from small scale residential storage to larger commercial and industrial type applications.  Given today’s ever increasing costs of electricity, Virelec is the ideal choice for Energy Storage solutions to reduce these rising costs.

“Energy storage is a good fit for Virelec as electricity sector experts with decades of trusted utility and industrial experience, known for high quality and excellent plug and play delivery.” commented Paul Marot, Virelec’s President and CEO.

Virelec’s customers can be sure of guaranteed solutions going forward just as it has provided in the past.  See for more information.

Donald Cudmore