Letter to the Editor, Globe & Mail, published November 15, 2017

Dear Editor

Re: In Ontario, Hydro’s Future Gets Murkier (November 14). While your report focuses largely on the implications of consumers going off-grid, it’s important to clarify that the storage examples cited offer unique value for entirely different purposes: storage helps integrate more unpredictable wind and solar generation, creates resilience and keeps the power grid in balance. In Canada we have proven and cost-effective clean energy storage technologies (e.g. batteries, flywheels, power to gas, compressed air) and applications that are developed and operating, some as long as 100 years ago (e.g. pumped storage hydro). These are not experimental tools. Storage acts as the ultimate multitasker in an era where our economy and communities have a growing reliance on a strong and resilient grid.

Patricia Phillips
Executive Director
Energy Storage Canada

Michael Tingle