Energy Storage Canada Welcomes Focus on Innovation and Storage in Ontario’s 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan

Toronto, October 27, 2017 - Energy Storage Canada (ESC) welcomes the Ontario government’s commitment in its 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP) to advance regulatory reform and to level the playing field to ensure energy storage can compete and contribute to modernizing the province’s energy system. Released on October 26, the report is available here.

“We are encouraged that the 2017 LTEP recognizes energy storage as a game-changer with the ability to optimize Ontario’s current investments in carbon-free resources,” said Patricia Phillips, Executive Director, Energy Storage Canada. “The government’s intention to address market and regulatory barriers, which have hampered broader deployment of storage, is a positive move that will encourage greater access to the value that energy storage can provide,” said Phillips. The plan articulates the multiple services that storage can provide, including managing surplus baseload generation, regulation, operating reserve and flexibility.

The 2017 LTEP sets out an innovation agenda to create a more cost-effective, low-carbon energy system. It recognizes how storage can contribute to building the energy system of the future at the grid, distribution and customer levels, including the electrification of transport and helping remote communities reduce the use of diesel. In addition, it highlights power-to-gas to provide electricity grid services during the production of hydrogen to fuel vehicles and decarbonizing the natural gas supply.

Ontario has been a leading jurisdiction in North America for energy storage with the procurement of 50MW of storage carried out since the 2013 Long-Term Energy Plan. “Today’s announcement builds on Ontario’s leadership by identifying storage, with its unique ability to provide multiple services that ensure flexibility and resilience at the transmission, distribution and customer sectors, as an important component in reinforcing the strength of our energy system,” said Phillips.


Energy Storage Canada (ESC) is the national association for the energy storage industry in Canada and represents the full supply chain of energy storage. ESC focuses on advancing opportunities and building the market for energy storage through advocacy, networking and stakeholder education.


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