CALGARY, January 31, 2017 - Energy Storage Canada (ESC) and the Alberta Storage Alliance (ASA) today announced a merger—a move intended to strengthen the national focus of Energy Storage Canada (formerly Energy Storage Ontario) and reinforce the market development efforts of Alberta Storage Alliance companies.

“There is strong alignment between our organizations and this move will allow us to capitalize on new opportunities,” said ESC Chair Rob Harvey.  “Several ESC members helped to found the ASA and we are excited to contribute greater support to the development of the energy storage market in Alberta.”

Speaking on behalf of the ASA, Jan van Egteren, President, Rocky Mountain Power, said, “Energy storage technologies will be essential to meet Alberta’s renewable energy objectives and can greatly optimize our existing infrastructure. Regulatory barriers must be addressed to ensure a level playing field for new technologies. There is an enormous opportunity for energy storage in Alberta and this partnership will allow us to engage a broader audience and leverage the exceptional work ESC has done to date in other jurisdictions.”

The advocacy efforts of the ASA will now be led through the Alberta Advocacy Council for ESC.


In November 2015, the Alberta government announced a new Climate Leadership Plan; central to the plan is transitioning the province’s energy production away from coal and towards renewables. Energy storage assets will help manage this transition by providing grid regulation services and shifting generation when it is not needed to peak demand periods when it is. The successful deployment of energy storage around the world has demonstrated its ability to swiftly react to system needs, making storage a very compelling solution for Alberta. 

 The Alberta Storage Alliance was launched by a consortium of private sector energy experts under the common goal of advancing the deployment of energy storage technologies in Alberta. The ASA is recommending a joint strategy for Alberta to leverage innovative energy storage technologies within its electricity market. These recommendations are highlighted in the ASA’s white paper: Energy Storage: Unlocking the Value for Alberta's Grid


Energy Storage Canada (ESC) is the voice of leadership for energy storage in Canada and represents the full supply chain of energy storage. ESC focuses on advancing opportunities and building the market for energy storage through advocacy, networking and stakeholder education.

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