IESO Releases Technical Study on Energy Storage in Ontario

On March 31, the IESO posted its Technical Study on Energy Storage, which focuses on the reliability needs of the Ontario power system and the potential for energy storage technologies to address those needs. Energy Storage Ontario (ESO) welcomes the study’s recognition of the opportunities provided by energy storage in the province.  It provides a strong technical foundation for broader discussions of energy storage in Ontario.

The study was developed in response to a directive from the Minister of Energy in April 2015 to review the outcomes/learnings of 50MW procurement along with other analyses.

ESO was pleased to have the opportunity to work with the IESO by contributing input into the scope of the study and providing technical data on energy storage technologies from our members.

The study highlights a number of opportunities where current technology can provide valuable services, such as:

•             Regulation

•             Voltage control

•             Fast activation to address variances from forecasts

•             Load following and ramping

•             Operating reserve

•             Providing congestion relief and defer transmission upgrades

Consistent with the scope of this study, the report does not include areas such as an economic assessment of storage, target energy storage quantities, regulatory barriers, contract frameworks, impact of cap and trade policies, and local and distribution needs.

ESO looks forward to building on this momentum and continuing to work alongside the IESO and other government agencies and Ministries to address the unique characteristics and contributions of energy storage on the system.

See the study here:


Michael Tingle