Energy Storage Makes Big News with NRStor and Tesla

Tesla’s announcement last week of their Powerwall system is just another example of how energy storage emerging as a commercially viable resource tor the Ontario power system.As with most types of energy storage systems used on the grid, it offers a range of benefits to the owner and the broader electricity system.

When used in a home, the energy storage system can offer back up power, improved reliability, use lower cost power at peak times, and when co-located with renewables, offer an opportunity for energy independence.

Evolving regulation could in the future allow residential energy storage systems to sell power back to the grid at times of peak pricing.  Energy storage can assist power grid operators optimize the use of the Province's generation facilities while lowering the burden on the extensive transmission and distribution infrastructure in Ontario.

 Energy storage technologies of various types offer great promise for Ontario and we expect to see this industry play an increasingly important role in the management of the power grid.

 For more information about the article in Globe and Mail, click here.

Michael Tingle