U.S. Energy Storage Technology Outlook

As a member of Energy Storage Ontario, I am sure you are aware of the considerable progress in energy storage across the United States. I thought I would share this Whitepaper from my friends at Energy Storage Update on the subject. Its very good.

"Energy Storage ambitions turn into projects on the ground a key challenge is to understand which technology variants will provide the greatest value. Therefore, I wanted to send you Energy Storage Updates latest guide - http://bit.ly/18KWzph - that provides exclusive analysis of the future outlook for different energy storage technologies. In this guide you will:

* Get a breakdown of the current deployment capacity of each technology to assess the potential cost and performance gains in years to come

* Evaluate what technologies will see the most deployment based on their suitability to different storage applications

* See the latest energy storage capacity data for markets in the US, to identify the best opportunities for your business

To access the guide just follow the link below: http://bit.ly/18KWzph


Michael Tingle
ORTECH Consulting

Michael Tingle