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August 1-3, 2016: 2016 STUDIO Energy Storage Technical Conference

The inaugural STUDIO Conference – Storage Technology and Uses, Deployment Integration and Operations – is an energy storage event covering the advancement and integration of technology to support electric service.

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Produced in partnership with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), STUDIO brings stakeholders from across the energy industry together for a unique meeting that explores the real-world technical experience of rapidly accelerating energy storage deployments.

The 2016 STUDIO Conference is critical to preparing for the rapidly evolving grid, providing an engaging and lively dialogue on critical topics:

  • Locating, Sizing and Operating Storage for Maximum Value
  • Customer-Sited Storage Solutions
  • Utility Integration of Storage
  • Advancements in Storage Technology
  • Advancements in Enabling Technologies for Storage

Book your STUDIO Time today!

The conference is being held August 1-3 at the Park Central Hotel in San Francisco. Register and book your hotel room as soon as possible to get the best rates.