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Canadian Tire Hydrogen Event: November 20, 2014

Canadian Tire Corporation’s  Hydrogen team extends an invitation to Canada’s renewable energy and sustainability sector to attend a hydrogen stakeholder forum at the  Evergreen Brickworks, Nov 20 1:30-3:00 PM

The purpose of this forum is to establish dialog with organizations working in synergistic areas to contribute to a responsive and inclusive hydrogen energy plan at CTC. Attendees will hear a short briefing on CTC hydrogen activities and will have an opportunity to brief CTC on their mission and activities. This is not a Public event.

A key goal of the CTC Hydrogen Team is to connect to Canadian suppliers and technology developers. We are interested in hearing from those who can articulate the connection to economic development. Notably CTC has a strong sustainability vision and views hydrogen as an enabler.

 The Evergreen Brickworks is located  at 550 Bayview Ave.  in the Don Valley in Downtown Toronto.  Access is  from Bayview Ave or  take a shuttle bus from the Broadview Subway Station.

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