Energy Storage it’s happening now, don’t miss out!


What we do?

Energy Storage Canada is the first industry association in Canada with the sole mandate of promoting and advocating for the use of Energy Storage. We will be the voice of the emerging industry as the grid modernizes and incorporates Energy Storage Solutions.


  • Learn about EVERYTHING Storage:  The state of energy storage technology and the industry in general, is constantly changing. Energy Storage Canada is your one source for information. 
  • Enhance your network:  Look at our members list in our first year alone, it’s the Who’s Who of the Energy Storage Market in Ontario.
  • Participate in Energy Storage Canada events: previous events have featured speakers from the Ontario Ministry of Energy, OPA, and IESO as well as representatives from industry and international markets.
  • Policy:  Get in at the ground floor on influencing and directing the government’s strategy and implementation for Energy Storage.

Who we are

Solution providers, technology developers, renewable energy developer, engineering firms, renewable energy consultants, construction firms, local distribution companies, non-government organizations.