Conference Sponsors for
Energy Storage in Canada: Storage is Power

October 1-2, 2019, Toronto


Gigawatt Sponsor: SunGrid & Powin

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Powin has established itself as a pre-eminent supplier of quality energy storage products that are being deployed globally. Powin’s ground-breaking technology gives visibility to the cell level of every Powin Energy Storage Solution for better monitoring, balancing, and optimization of the entire system that will enable more efficient and cost-effective battery chemistry.

SunGrid is focused on creating Better Energy for Tomorrow by focusing on projects scaling from 1 MW to 20 MW within the energy storage and generation space. SunGrid is able to invest in long-term success with its customers by enabling their customers to focus on educated energy solutions that directly meet their individualized needs.  

A turnkey distribution agreement between SunGrid and Powin has been established to best serve Ontario customers including utilities, developers and project owners.

Gigawatt Sponsor: Trade Commissioner Service


The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) helps companies navigate the complexities of international markets and make better business decisions. The TCS is on the ground in more than 160 cities worldwide. We gain market intelligence, uncover opportunities for Canadian companies and help reduce business costs and risks. The TCS is a free service of the Government of Canada, helping companies to prepare for international markets, assess market potential, find qualified contacts and resolve business problems. Learn more at

Gigawatt Sponsor: TC Energy

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TC Energy and its affiliates deliver the energy millions of people rely on every day to power their lives and fuel industry. We are not only focused on what we do, but how we do it – guided by core values of safety, responsibility, collaboration and integrity, our more than 7,000 people are committed to sustainably developing and operating pipeline, power generation and energy storage facilities across Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Megawatt Sponsor: EDF Renewables Distributed Solutions


EDF Renewables Distributed Solutions (‘EDF DS’) is a part of EDF Renewables Inc. – a world leader in renewable electricity. EDF DS originates, develops, builds, and operates customer-focused energy solutions. Our team of developers, engineers, construction managers and O&M, finance and legal professionals work with customers (i.e. utilities, MUSH, corporations, commercial and industrial) to provide solar, storage, EV charging, and storage management solutions that are accessible, affordable and responsive to the electricity consumption profile of the customer. Our team approach to development and strong balance sheet enable us to bring each project to fruition on time and on budget. In Canada, our storage solutions help customers manage global adjustment charges, while delivering improved capacity factors at the transmission level. We are also actively discussing the use of battery storage solutions to unlock capacity constraints at the distribution level. EDFR is currently building 4MW/12MWh of storage and has a pipeline of over 50MW/120MWh of storage projects in Ontario.

Megawatt Sponsor: Hydrogenics


For over 60 years, Hydrogenics has been providing new technologies and applications for industrial and commercial hydrogen systems – it made us a world leader in delivering on the promises of hydrogen power. We now offer an enviable depth of expertise in designing, building and installing hydrogen power systems:

  • Advanced technologies based on proven science, engineering and manufacture

  • Complete solutions – from hydrogen generation, compression and storage units, to dispensing stations and fuel cells for vehicles and power generators

  • Dependable energy systems that produce zero greenhouse gas and carbon emissions

  • Installations in service around the world – from food processing and research labs to transit buses and electric lift trucks

Megawatt Sponsor:  OPG


Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is the largest and lowest cost, clean power generator in Ontario. With a diverse fleet that includes 66 hydroelectric stations, two nuclear stations and two biomass stations, OPG’s power is 99 per cent free of smog and carbon emissions. OPG provides energy storage solutions that add value to the electricity system and end-use customers, and also operates Canada’s largest and most flexible existing electricity storage asset, the Beck Pumped Storage Facility. The company is also delivering Canada’s largest clean power infrastructure project with the refurbishment of the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station, which will provide reliable, safe and environmentally sustainable energy production for current and future generations.

Megawatt Sponsor: Peak Power


Peak Power Inc., a technology services provider, focuses on delivering intelligent software and project solutions to offset the most expensive hours of electric demand for utilities and building owners. Through their Peak SYNERGY™ controls platform, Peak Power is empowering building owners to achieve long-term savings from rising electricity bills, reach sustainability goals and increase onsite resiliency, all while aiding utilities in addressing aging infrastructure and peak demand requirements. Peak Power offers a range of services, including project development, construction, software, financing, operations and maintenance. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with offices in New York and Boston.

Megawatt Sponsor: Sussex Strategy Group


Sussex Strategy Group is a provider of lobbying, strategic communication, and consulting services for legislative and regulatory affairs. Sussex excels at helping clients manage their issues at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels of government, as well as in the media and within communities. Canadian owned and operated, Sussex offers a variety of public affairs services including government relations, corporate and crisis communications, issues management, management consulting, auditing and performance measurement, legislative and media monitoring, policy analysis and development, procurement facilitation, research and grassroots mobilization, digital advocacy and social media strategy.

Program Sponsor: Torys


Torys LLP is an international business law firm with a dedication to excellence that has resulted in an enviable record of experience in Canada and globally. Teamwork is one of the firm's distinguishing features, reflected in all aspects of how the firm partners with clients and collaborates internally. Long-standing clients choose Torys for its excellent service, expertise and value for lasting partnerships. 

Lanyard Sponsor:  NRStor


NRStor Inc. is a Toronto-based energy storage project developer and owner focused on accelerating the deployment of industry-leading energy storage technologies. NRStor partners with progressive stakeholders and leading technology providers in order to build, own and operate energy storage projects. NRStor developed Canada's first grid connected flywheel facility, is partnered with Opus One Solutions to launch M Power Solutions and bring the Tesla Powerwall to Canada, is working with commercial and industrial customers to lower their energy bills, and is working alongside indigenous communities to develop renewables and storage solutions.

Lunch Sponsor: STEM


Stem pairs artificial intelligence with energy storage to help organizations automate energy cost savings and protect against changing rates. Together, Stem’s customers form the largest energy storage network to support a more efficient, sustainable and resilient grid.

WIFI Sponsor: SNC Lavalin

Founded in 1911, SNC-Lavalin is one of the leading engineering and construction groups in the world and a major player in the ownership of infrastructure. With offices in over 50 countries, we provide engineering, procurement construction, completions and commissioning services together with a range of sustaining capital services to clients in the power sector. Our pumped storage capabilities are a natural extension of our end-to-end project solutions.

Networking Break Sponsor:  Ameresco

Ameresco, Inc. is a leading independent provider of comprehensive energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions for facilities throughout North America and the United Kingdom, delivering long-term value through innovative systems, strategies and technologies. Ameresco’s solutions range from upgrades to facility’s energy infrastructure to the development, construction and operation of renewable energy plants combined with tailored financial solutions. We work with customers on both sides of the meter to reduce operating expenses, upgrade and maintain facilities, stabilize energy costs, improve occupancy comfort levels, increase energy reliability and enhance the environment.

Networking Break Sponsor: Hydro-Québec


Hydro-Québec generates, transmits and distributes electricity. The largest power utility in Canada and a major player in the global hydropower industry, Hydro-Québec also operates a vast high-voltage transmission system. Its sole shareholder is the Québec government.

AV Sponsor: Scovan


Scovan is a state-of-the-art Canadian engineering firm that specializes in offering innovation and experience for energy related industrial projects by providing engineering, procurement and construction management services. Our collaborative approach and commitment to excellence, combined with a fresh, innovative culture, enables us to leverage the technical expertise necessary to deliver results. Our dynamic company thrives on the opportunity to provide solutions to complex problems with an impressive track record to back up our claims. Scovan is a leader in innovative solutions for the future of our energy sector. Scovan is forward engineering.

Exhibit Sponsor: Arcadian Projects


At Arcadian Projects, our passion is clear - connecting our clients with sustainable, alternate and energy efficient power systems. As trusted energy solutions providers, we provide tailored energy solutions with long-term service and technical support to support our commercial, industrial and Utility partners, helping them achieve both financial and sustainability goals. Our expertise designing and building distributed energy resource solutions, including energy storage systems, renewable solar power systems and the integration of monitoring and software is supported by our team of in-house certified trades, energy specialists, project managers and design technicians. The Arcadian advantage of both energy and trade professionals provides customers with a synergistic approach to energy solutions that allows for future planning and collaborative relationships.

Exhibit Sponsor: CSA Group

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CSA Group is a global organization dedicated to safety, social good, and sustainability. We offer battery testing in our facilities in Cleveland, Ohio, Kunshan, China, and via CSA Group offices and partners worldwide. CSA Group tests and certifies to standards including ANSI/NEMA, CAN/CSA, IEC, and UL for North American and international markets, as well as UN transport testing. CSA Group delivers the confidence that comprehensive testing and certification of battery and energy storage equipment will be completed expertly and on-time, providing faster access to global markets. For more information about CSA Group, please visit

Exhibit Sponsor: Customized Energy Solutions


Established in 1998, Customized Energy Solutions assists clients in managing and staying ahead of the changes in the wholesale and retail electricity and natural gas markets. Serving hundreds of clients, Customized Energy Solutions offers best-in-class hosted energy market operations platforms and services.

Exhibit Sponsor:  ESS Inc. and Switch Power Corp.

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Established in 2011, ESS Inc. manufactures low-cost, long-duration iron flow batteries for commercial and utility-scale energy storage applications requiring 4+ hours of flexible energy capacity. Our long-duration energy storage platforms, the Energy Warehouse™ (EW) and Energy Center™, use iron, salt, and water for the electrolyte, and deliver an environmentally safe, long-life energy storage solution for the world’s renewable energy infrastructure.

SWITCH Power Corporation is a Calgary-based Independent Power Producer, focused on capital deployment in long-term infrastructure assets through creative projects, creative financing, and creative commercial structures. We develop, build, own, and operate sustainable power generation projects consisting of distributed energy resources: wind, solar, battery storage, and thermal, bundled with an innovative energy management system.

Exhibit Sponsor: Hugh Wood Canada LTD.

Hugh Wood Canada.jpg

Hugh Wood Canada Ltd. is a privately-held independent organization, and a Hugh Wood International (HWI) company.

Hugh Wood Inc. began providing insurance and risk management in 1982. With the capabilities and expertise of the HWI network, we are proud to have grown into a truly global operation. Additionally, we have access to all major insurance markets worldwide, including Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London via the HWI London office.

Kilowatt Sponsor: Hydrostor

Hydrostor logo blue.png

Hydrostor is a leader in Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES), a technology uniquely suited to enable the transition to a cleaner, more reliable electricity grid. A-CAES provides grid services that are not readily replicated by other storage technologies by flexibly addressing bulk electricity system needs for long-duration dispatchable capacity, renewable integration and optimization, transmission deferral and ancillary services.

Exhibit Sponsor: Oakville Enterprises (OEC)


Oakville Enterprises (OEC) operates a family of energy and infrastructure companies. Our firms serve municipalities, telecommunications, electrical distribution, and energy infrastructure businesses throughout Canada and beyond. Customers look to OEC’s 1000+ employees to provide innovative and valued solutions that meet their needs, on time and budget. OEC specializes in providing integrated services that include utility engineering, asset management, utility locates, fibre network design, GIS mobile and aerial mapping, GIS management, commercial energy generation/storage, electricity distribution and more. Visit our website at for additional information.


Exhibit Sponsor: Sky Clean Energy and Troes


Sky Clean Energy Ltd. (“SCE”), which was formerly known as Sky Solar (Canada) Ltd., was established in April 2009. Its name was recently changed to reflect a broader business strategy. A focus on engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) in the clean energy industry is an important component of that broader business strategy. SCE’s project team has 10 years of extensive exposure to EPC matters. SCE is an industry leader in Canada’s renewables industry, employing its business development, project management and engineering expertise to create custom innovative solutions.

TROES Corp. is a Canadian, Advanced Battery Energy Storage company, specializing in Smart Distributed Energy Storage solutions. Based on LiFePO4 technology, TROES develops, designs, manufactures and delivers smart, high-performance, rigorously-tested, innovative, cloud-based energy storage systems that integrate TROES’ proprietary Battery Modules, Battery Management Systems (BMS), Enclosures and Power Conversion System (PCS).