Rob Harvey – Chair, Energy Storage Canada

Rob Harvey is the Director, Energy Storage at Hydrogenics, a leading hydrogen cleantech company which designs and builds MW scale electrolysers for Power-to-Gas plants which provide grid services and produce renewable hydrogen fuel.  In his business development role, Rob is responsible for market analytics, project proposals, advocacy work through associations, and being the “voice of the customer” to define future needs for the company’s product platform and control system development.  Rob secured funding and contracting for a 2MW Power-to-Gas project to provide regulation services for the IESO which will be the first utility scale project of its kind in North America.

As a former Principal with PHB Hagler Bailly and energy consultant with Oliver Wyman, Rob worked with several leading North American electric utilities in the areas of scenario-based planning, business model analytics and change management. He has also worked with start-up ventures in waste-to-energy and biogas CHP developing business plans and engaging project stakeholders.

Rob has served as Board Chair since 2015.

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Jan van Egteren – Chair, Alberta Advocacy Council

Jan van Egteren has over 30 years of increasingly senior management positions in the energy industry.  He has been President of Rocky Mountain Power for the last 6 years; Chairman of Grasslands Renewable Energy, a renewable energy generation, transmission and storage development company;  Vice-President of Marketing for Landis Energy Corporation, an energy storage development company;  Vice President of Marketing for the Montana Alberta Tie Ltd. a power transmission project; General Manager of Lukens Energy Group Canada Ltd. a U.S. based energy consulting company,  and Vice President, Marketing and Transportation with ProGas Limited, a natural gas marketing company.  Jan graduated with an economics degree from the University of Lethbridge in 1974, a M.Sc from the University of Alberta in 1976 and M.A. and ABD in the Ph.D economics program from the University of Toronto in 1978.

Rocky Mountain Power has actively been developing energy storage in Alberta for approximately five years.  RMP was a founding member of the Alberta Storage Alliance and has been advocating for energy storage in Alberta for many years.

John Wright – Chair, Ontario Advocacy Council

John Wright is with Northland Power, an Ontario-based independent power producer that develops, owns and operates clean electricity projects. As the Executive Director of Business Development for Northland, John was lead developer for energy storage ventures including the 400MW Marmora Pumped Storage Hydro project which has gained positive national and international attention. Prior to joining Northland, John was a commissioner at the City of Brampton. 

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Martin Larocque

Martin Larocque is co-founder and CEO of Sigma Energy Storage.  Martin’s desire to make a positive environmental and social impact, combined with his results-focused drive make him a formidable business leader in the clean energy transition.  Martin began his career in IT before transitioning to the renewable energy sector as a founder of a consulting firm on solar technology solutions and at that point recognized the crucial role of energy storage as a key enabler for implementing renewables.  Identifying the potential of thermomechanical compressed air energy storage technology in its infancy, Martin signed on with the company in 2013.  Since joining, he has transformed Sigma Energy Storage from an idea into a company, leading the team to build a fully-functional system, raising over $10M in private and public funding (including SDTC, Techncolimat, NRC, DEC amongst other) and building a network of partners across Canada including key industrial partners, research centers and Universities.

Under his leadership, Sigma won the 2014 Quebec Entrepreneurship Award in the Technology and Innovation category and in 2016 won the prestigious National ENERGY GLOBE Award for Canada

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Scott Knapman

Scott Knapman is Vice President of Alectra, in the non-regulated affiliate. Formerly part of Horizon Energy Solutions Inc. (HESI), he was responsible for creating a clear vision and growth strategy for HESI and then translating that strategic direction, goals and objectives into operational plans and activities necessary to effectively carry out the mandate.

Under his leadership, HESI expanded rapidly, developing distributed energy resource projects including a portfolio of solar projects, growing a suite of energy management services and doubling its metering business to now wholesale revenue meter half of the power produced in Ontario.

He qualified Horizon Utilities, and responded to the IESO’s RFP energy storage for peak shaving using solid battery technology and has been assisting a developer with a CAES project.


Michael Tingle
Ka-Ming Lin

Ka-Ming Lin is a consultant with ORTECH Consulting Inc, an engineering firm which provides due diligence/risk management and technical services to the renewable energy and energy storage market in Ontario. He has a Masters of Applied Science from the University of Toronto and is licensed as a professional engineer in Ontario.

Ka currently serves as Secretary of the Energy Storage Canada Board and was Vice Chair in 2015.

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Alexander McIsaac

Alexander McIsaac is Director of Business Development at NRStor Inc. – an Ontario-based energy storage project developer, owner and operator. Alexander played a key role in completing NRStor’s first round of funding provided by Northwater Capital Management Inc. As a founding employee, Alexander helped to advocate and grow the market and secure new projects. Alexander leads NRStor’s relationships with technology providers and is responsible for leading the due diligence of technologies and initiating and managing relationships. He led the development and project management of NRStor’s 2MW / 500kWh flywheel project with the IESO, the first commercially contracted flywheel facility in Canada, and has worked with lenders to secure project level financing. He currently sits on the Board of Directors at Energy Storage Canada as Treasurer and CAMH Engage as the Membership Co-Chair. Alexander has worked in both the investment banking and venture capital industries and holds a Bachelors of Science Honors from Queens University and an Honors Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business.

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Nicolas Muszynski

Nicolas Muszynski has devoted his career to the Canadian renewable electricity sector and has worked over the last 15 years on the development of wind, solar, transmission and energy storage projects across the country. He lead the development and delivery of the first grid connected 4MW battery storage facility in Ontario and continues to develop energy storage projects across the country, facing day to day many of the challenges the industry needs to address in 2017. In his role as Director of Energy Storage he is responsible for the development of Renewable Energy Systems energy storage business across Canada. He has participated in most rounds of procurement and consultations across Canada over the course of his career and has experience both at the provincial and federal levels, often as an elected representative of industry associations.


Nicolas currently serves on the Energy Storage Canada Board as the Federal Initiatives Committee Chair.

Michael Tingle
Gary Thompson

Gary Thompson is an Engineer with over 25 years, recognized as a leader, strategic thinker and smart grid innovator. Currently supervises a team that plan/enable industrial infrastructure, including Solar PV and Energy Storage and connected 1600 solar projects. In 2016 they received, CANSIA Game Changer Award. Gary is a member of CSA, UL and IEC technical standard committees covering solar, wind and energy storage.  An Educator/Researcher, he is currently an Honorary Fellow/ Lecturer at the Center for Urban Energy, Ryerson University. Gary possesses 25 years’ experience in Board Governance, serving on Boards related to industry advocacy, education, government, law enforcement and social services.

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Mark Tinkler

Mark has been working with Customized Energy Solutions (CES) since 2012. Mark provides reporting and analysis services for the Ontario Electricity Market and for Canada in general. He also provides expertise and client support in Emerging Technologies focusing on energy storage, distributed resources, renewables, demand response and smart grid. Mark recently coordinated CES’s efforts as lead consultant to the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources’ Energy Storage Initiative (ESI), and the release of its “State of Charge” report in September 2016.

Mark worked for Ontario Hydro/Ontario Power Generation for 29 years in various technical and management positions. Since 2005 he has offered strategic consulting services to the energy sector regarding emerging energy options and technologies. He also initiated a major energy storage demonstration program in Toronto in collaboration with multiple sponsors, and has been the author of numerous reports and presentations on energy storage and distributed generation.

Mark served on the Board of Directors of Energy Storage Canada in 2016.


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Francois Vitez

Francois Vitez is Vice-President of Business Development for SNC-Lavalin Hydro and Power Delivery globally. As a renowned hydropower expert, he has over 20 years of experience in the development, engineering and construction management of renewable energy projects in Canada, USA and Internationally. Francois started specializing in the field of hydropower, beginning in 1992 on the James Bay hydroelectric complex of Hydro Quebec.  Early on in Francois’s career, he worked at developing numerous small hydropower projects in Nepal including his own Khudi Hydropower Project. This project is still considered as a model for integrated renewable energy development in Nepal, and well recognised in Canada, winning both the Quebec and Canadian Engineering Association awards in 2008, under the International Projects Category.

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Milosz Zemanek

Milosz Zemanek is a partner in the Tory’s Project Finance, Infrastructure and Energy, and Banking and Debt Finance groups, with a practice that focuses on project finance, project development, infrastructure and secured lending. Milosz represents a variety of energy and infrastructure developers and lenders on their project-related development, finance and contractual matters.

Milosz was an integral part of the lending teams on a number of solar financings which, at the time of the transactions, were the largest ever in Ontario for aggregate rooftop and ground mount, respectively.

Milosz has also acted for a number of lenders and developers on many large wind farm financings and developments, including the first ever FIT financing in Ontario and the first Ontario behind the meter wind farm 4-pack with shared transmission facilities.  Milosz also provides commercial advice to a number of clients, including a large regulated gas utility.

 Milosz served on the Board of Directors of Energy Storage Canada in 2016.

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